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Used Hybrid Car Sale
Hybrid Cars - Save Gas By Going Green
By Miller Jeremy

Hybrid car dealers would like us all to think that buying hybrids will save us a ton of money on gas and save the planet at the same time. Is this really the case, though? Let's take a look at the facts and myths behind this new technology.

Buying new hybrid cars involves more than simply looking at gas mileage. The average hybrid will save roughly 30% in gas costs over a similar fuel efficient gas powered car, however the cost of buying the hybrid typically runs several thousand dollars more than the conventional car. This is understandable as the cost of building a car with two motors and the systems that go with that are naturally more than a typical combustion engine.

Not only will the initial price be higher, but the resulting finance charges, as well. They hybrids are going to cost more to maintain in some ways as repair bills are usually higher. This is in part because there are a limited number of mechanics who are trained in the newer technologies. Because of the higher initial costs when buying new hybrid cars and the higher operating costs due to repairs, there are those who say that hybrid technology is not economically feasible.

However, new hybrid cars are subject to federal tax credits and sometimes even state or local tax breaks are available. This, coupled with the gasoline savings, could bring the hybrid down to the same economic level as the gas powered cars. Now that the technology has been around for a while, we're also starting to see more choice in the aftermarket with a greater variety of used hybrid cars available. Buying a recent model used hybrid car will often bring initial costs down below that of buying a gas car, although you may not qualify for any tax credits that way.

The other big consideration touted by hybrid car dealers is the environmental impact of a hybrid compared to the conventional gas powered vehicles. Not only will the right choice save on gas usage in the first place, hybrids also cut emissions by up to 35% over traditional automobiles. That means up to 35% less pollution released into the air for each hybrid on the road.

One of the latest innovations in the greener car movement is the hybrid SUV cars. A lot of naysayers will tell you that since they hybrid SUV cars don't even get better than 40 mpg, then they are not in any way environmentally friendly. If you are going to switch from a tiny Geo Metro to a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, then they are right - that would increase impact on the environment which wouldn't be green at all. However, most people buying hybrid SUV cars are switching from comparable gas powered SUVs and the impact can be quite a lot that way.

Ultimately the choice of the driver comes into play and affects the eco-friendliness of hybrid technology. Choosing used hybrid cars over new versions and avoiding the larger hybrid SUV cars are two ways to have the most environmental impact at the least cost to the consumer.
Hybrid Used Cars Offer the Best Value and Savings
By Sean Traynor

A report that recently came out from Kelly Blue Book shows that it's a great time to buy used hybrids. Over the last year the dollar value of hybrids have not kept up with the rest of the overall used car market. So people who want to reduce their carbine foot print will save substantially. Since the inception of hybrid vehicles, they've always been in step with the overall used car market and holding their value, but the report shows that new hybrid vehicle sales, year over year as drop down by 40 percent.

Other factors that have contributed to more people buying used cars, such as used hybrids, is that gas prices have been down since the down turn of the economy. Some new gasoline vehicles like the Ford Fiesta are getting the same mileage as many hybrids on the market today. Also research has shown it could take up to 10 years to recoup the premium paid on a new hybrid vehicle. When the Toyota Prius hybrid was analyzed on how long it would take to recover the actual savings, the study showed it would take over 10 years and you would have to rack up at least 160,000 miles on it.

The report also shows when buying used vehicles, consumers should consider the hybrid alternative. Since it takes too long to recover the saving on a Prius (a premium hybrid) you should consider a used Honda Civic hybrid. A person has a better chance of coming out a winner with this type of hybrid.

So if you're looking for used cars in the hybrid market, look to get the Honda Civic it's better value for the buck.
   Under $15,000

   $15,000 - $20,000

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   Over $80,000
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